Gen Z-The Awakening for BPO and Call Centers

Gen Z is redeeming their adulthood card.
We may still think of them as kids cultivating their TikTok feeds, but the elders of this generation were born in the mid-2000s, which means most of them have already made their way into the workforce.

Who are the Gen Zs?

  • Practical youths who are not afraid to address the mistakes of past generations, especially when it comes to equality.

  • Tech-savvy and who network differently on every social platform.

  • Strengthens the case for mobile-first design for communication, marketing, and sales.

  • Researchers who’d rather see for themselves if what companies say or what’s online is true or not, especially with the Internet at their disposal

I know right?

What about the workforce?

The eldest members of the Gen Z tribe are already in the workforce and also are exploring a more diverse selection of industries for employment.
Younger members are well into the tail-end of their studies. How do they stand out?

  • A preference for companies that support and have equality and inclusivity in the workplace.

  • Interest in independent work environments that enable them to work for themselves rather than give in to the pressures of society and perfect work-life balance.

  • Companies that uphold strong company values, promote corporate social responsibility and are socially aware.

  • A dynamic and adaptive brand that represents and promotes their values, interests, and individualities.

What about it now?

  1. Update your training and hiring strategies to pique the Gen Z’s interest.
  2. A concise and interesting job ad catches their attention and encourages social engagement. They’re drawn to a low word count ad that encourages interaction.
  3. Listen to what Gen Z is saying to get a better idea of who they are, what their values are, and what they seek. This way, companies are armed and ready to entice them to join their workforce through the latest technology for incoming call center newbies, more social media and content moderation job openings, and the like.
There isn’t a reason to feel intimidated when the younger generations hit the employment market. It’s just a gentle reminder that innovation is often never far off.
As a BPO Revocare solutions thrive on the diversity of different generations, cultures, and ethnicities. These distinctions enable us to refine and elevate our service quality and operations to benefit our brand partners.

Author: Thina Badri (Digital Marketing Executive – Revocare Solutions)