Financial Licensing

Our Financial Licensing team will assist you with the A to Z of financial services licensing in any country that you wish to operate in. We assist international clients in applying for and acquiring existing licenses, which supports clients in expanding their international business. Through our global partnerships, we can offer clients financial licenses and businesses fully tailored to their requirements.

  • Licenses for Sale/Acquisition Our primary offering is the sale/acquisition of the existing license to our clients. The advantage of acquiring an existing license is that the acquisition process is much faster than an application process. For companies and/or entrepreneurs who want to use a license immediately, acquiring an already existing financial licensed company is the perfect solution. The main reason clients acquire such licenses is that applying for a new license is relatively time-consuming.

  • Acquisition of Existing Financial Licence If you want to sell a financial license, our experts can assist you with that. We have an extensive network of experts who will be able to connect you with a prospective buyer. Additionally, our consultants ensure that the sale procedure is thoroughly completed by providing paper works, filings, and submission of appropriate documentation.

  • Readily Available Licenses for Sale We offer an array of licenses ready to sell according to your specific needs – From Trading to Forex. These exchanges are highly audited, regulated, and certified due to their experience with different companies (from big to small) and spanning multiple jurisdictions.