Setting up your bank accounts

Notwithstanding what business objectives you have, setting up a proper corporate bank account is an integral part of any business expansion plan. Different countries have their own local banking laws, and each bank has different account types with corresponding procedures and required documents to follow. Trying to handle this whole process independently would cost you several months and missed potential business opportunities before you know what works best. This is where we can step in and help cut your waiting time to just a few weeks or less, and only cost you a small fraction of what you might have otherwise spent by opening account yourself.

Why choose us?

  • A broad banking network – Our long-standing relationships with international banks in many jurisdictions and territories allow us to offer you a customised banking solution that best matched your current situation and corporate requirements.

  • Our local expertise - Our extensive on hands experience with local banks will make you better prepared to handle due diligence processes, thus improving your organisation’s chances of bank account approvals.

  • Attractive price structure - With no hidden charges, our services will cost you a pre-agreed flat fee, whichever bank you may choose from on our list.

How it works

  • Step 01 – Understand the case - Our banking consultants will work with you to clarify your business conditions and expectations before giving you advice on available banks with whom you should open your corporate bank account.

  • Step 02 – Document collection and verification - Based on the agreement, we will then proceed to help you prepare the required documents in the best way that could increase your success rate.

  • Step 03 – Scheduling of bank meeting - Depending on each bank’s requirements, we will arrange a bank meeting with your selected bank’s representatives to set up your bank accounts. Prior to the meeting, we will give you samples of interview questions for preparation purposes.