Off Shore Company Formation

Our off shore company formation consultancy services will help you gain a competitive advantage that will keep your organisation on top of the corporate game while expanding your global reach in a manner that complies with all legal requirements with minimum down time and missed business opportunities.

How it works

  • Step 1 – Evaluating your requirements - Our trained in-house consultants with relevant experience in corporate formation will assist you to determine and clearly set out your business goals and conditions. With that information in hand, we assist you in choosing the right plan that could satisfy your needs in the most effective manner .

  • Step 2 – Knowing Your Client - Based on a mutual agreement, we will collect the required customer's documents and verify them with signed order and due diligence forms. Our digital Client Portal is tailor-made for client's enhanced experience while using our services. You can log in and can proceed with the incorporation steps and keep track of the process from any whare in the world at any given time.

  • Step 3 – The Incorporation Process - The order form will be passed through our compliance department and the company registrar for incorporation. Depending on the legal requirements of each country, the time needed to obtain the hard copies of company documents could vary.

  • Step 4 - A successful registration of offshore company is only the first step in achieving your goal. You might need to open a bank account for trading with your partners. Depending on your selected package, we will continue to assist you with additional services to get your company ready for doing business.