Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management uses complex algorithms to reveal the mood of your clients and leads during every interaction. It can also identify what can make your clients happy and improve long term retention by creating a detailed picture of the actions that result in sales. Gather the insights that deliver higher converting campaigns and improve your sales performance using certain key elements. Our platform has been built to scale with your success and delivers the same business-optimising insights regardless of the size of your company. By using an agile framework, our support team is able to set up the platform with the number of seats to suit the needs of your business and deliver customisation to your exact specification.

Automated lead segmentation

Automatically assign the best suited team members who can convert leads into solid sales for your company. Every lead is segmented and efficiently processed based on the marketing channel it came through, the language used and where applicable Introducing Broker (IB). this automated sorting enables your team to follow up leads with minimal wastage of time, as soon as they are created through automated tagging which assesses their potential using lead scoring and designates to pre-defined lead pools.

One dashboard delivers the big picture

Give every client-interacting team member the information they need to deliver a superior customer experience with a single interface. All account activity is displayed in a convenient manner to give any team member the opportunity to make the most of every client interaction. Open a single screen to reveal personal information such as their lifetime value, verification details and the status of their KYC/AML. Enables your team members to provide context to their communication through access to details about previous interactions and marketing campaigns. All documents, audit logs, calls and emails can also be viewed within their timelines to add relevance to the information. The Revocare CRM dashboard can be customised to meet the information needs of every member of your organization. From managers who need specific data to analyse their team’s performance to CEOs who need an overall picture of business operations while managing access to sensitive information.

Always online with zero downtime

In a global environment where being constantly available is key to success, our robust content delivery network (CDN) incorporates the latest technologies and techniques currently available to provide your company with a highly available and efficient ecosystem to support your business across time zones and market hours. Horizontal scaling of our failsafe platform ensures you will always be online regardless of your size, traffic volume or data needs.