Payment Service Provider

Accept crypto payments Converted to a currency of choice. Crypto is the next generation of money, and our payment gateway helps your business accept cryptocurrencies as payment, whether it be online or in-store. Our payment gateway is powered by blockchain technology, and adds a smooth payment experience to your online checkout to give customers more choice about how they pay for your products or services

Payment service provider
  • Speed - Our payment gateway is fast and easy to use. Whether it be a domestic or international payment, on a weekday, weekend, or holiday, we are always ready to handle your transactions.

  • Convenience - You can customise our gateway to either receive payments in crypto or having them automatically converted to a currency of choice. Your currency will be converted at a current market rate that is locked in for 15 minutes, thereby protecting you from any market swings.

  • Security - With a Finance Intelligence Unit (FIU) licence and robust anti-money laundering procedures in place, your account is secure through our regulated crypto exchange.

Some of the key business areas that benefit from our payment gateway

  • Forex trading – we can enable your Forex platform to allow people to start trading using cryptocurrencies. Our payment gateway is accessible also for forex platforms, so you can easily make deposits to your Forex accounts through us. Since it is much faster than traditional wire transfers, your customers can quickly top up and start trading.

  • iGaming – it is difficult for many iGaming platforms to add traditional forms of payment to their platforms, making it one of the main reasons why usage of crypto in iGaming is on the rise. Our payment gateway can help you make this happen. Use it so your customers can transfer money to your platform using the currencies of the future.

  • Online entertainment – Purchases of video streaming and tv series are often made on impulse. But very often, wire transfers that can take a couple of days might be the only option your customer has in making a payment. That’s where our payment gateway’s instant speedy crypto payments can help your customers to get the entertainment they want and for you to get paid fast